THINKTANK is branch of Taiwan Stone Valve Group in mainland China, which was established in Shanghai in 2012. Headquartered in Taipei(Since 1993 Year), it has three factories in China, the ball valve production line based in Fuzhou, the control valve production line based in Wenzhou, and the external trading branch and R&D workshop in Shanghai. THINKTANK is an enterprise specialized in R&D, production, and oversea sales of industrial valves and related products. THINKTANK company has ISO9001-2015, CE, SIL and AAA Credit grading certificates. Under the perfect management system, it mainly has the following product lines: control valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, self-operated pressure regulating valve, gate valve, check valve, etc.

    Since THINKTANK established, the company has focused on customer value all the time, providing customers with various added value which can meet the customized requirements of different customers. THINKTANK has provided processing services with 42 international brands and exports product to 35 countries. The company maintained good relations of cooperation with local distributor, engineering companies and end-users. Through the cooperation with high quality and professionalism customers, we get positive feedback on technology, constantly improve our core technology advantages, and deeply cultivate the field of industrial automation process.

    Control valves

    ● Globe Valves
    ● Top-Guided Single-Seated Control Valve
    ● Top-Guided High-Pressure Single-Seated Control Valve
    ● Special Valves
    ● Single-Seated Cage Type Control Valve
    ● Pressure-Unbalanced Cage Type Control Valve
    ● Pressure-Balanced Cage Type Control Valve
    ● Labyrinth Cage Type Control Valve
    ● Low-Noise Cage Type Control Valve
    ● Double-Seated Control Valve
    ● On/off Globe Control Valve
    ● Power Plant Valves
    ● Rotary Valves
    ● High Performance Butterfly Valve
    ● Eccentric Plug Control Valve


    ● Self-Operated Temperature Regulator
    ● Self-Operated Pressure Regulator
    ● Pressure Regulating Valve
    ● Gas Pressure Regulator


    ● Replacement with the leading valve brand

    Power station ● Chemical industry ● Petrochemical industry ● Seawater desalination ● Refinery ● Natural gas ● Textile and papermaking

    ● The first Chinese enterprise to win the bid for the supply of pressure regulating valve of SSGC Pakistan National Gas Group. (originally monopolized by Canadian brands)
    ● Bid winning duqm power group project code: dipwp seawater desalination control valve project package.
    ● The bid winning taweelah seawater treatment plant project code: taweelah RO reverse osmosis control valve project package.
    ● American powerflame designated brand supplier.
    ● Designated brand supplier of Masood textile factory in Pakistan.
    ● Iran i.i.p national pump factory designated brand supplier.
    ● ABB qualified supplier since 2012.

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