Wuxi smart auto-control engineering CO., LTD. is a process control valve solution provider, one of the major suppliers of control valve in China. Our company is specialized in research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of process control valve, and we are one of Key High-tech enterprises of the National Torch Plan. Our products and technologies are widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, textile, energy, electricity, food, environmental protection and other industries. Ensuring your plant safety and smooth operation under harsh conditions as high pressure, high temperature, corrosion, etc., is our primary responsibility.
    The Company has been committed to technological innovation and development of intelligent control valve since it is founded in 2001.
    Our company is the National torch plan key high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, governing member of China Instrument Industry Association, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province, Jiangsu province technological innovations pilot enterprises, small science and technology giant enterprises in Jiangsu province, member of 100 high-growth technology enterprises in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province valve engineering and technology center.
    Our company has Post-doctoral research station. The company was named by the Ministry of “Information Technology and Industrialization deep integration special pilot enterprises” in 2014, and the company's technology center was identified as enterprise technology center in Wuxi City in 2013, the WINNER brand control valve was identified as brand-name products in Wuxi City in 2012. The company has a complete independent intellectual property rights, currently own 132 patents.
    ● Globe Valves
    P2/J2 Single seated globe valve
    P3/J3 Balanced globe valve/ Globe Valves P4/J4 Caged globe valve/P5 Quick shutoff globe valve
    P6/J6 Multi-port reducing globe valve
    P7/J7 Multi-stage globe valve
    P9/J9 Micro flow globe valve

    M2/E2 Cage guided globe valves
    M3/E3 Balance sealed globe valves
    M4/E4 Labyrinth pressure reducing globe valves
    M5/E5 Quick shutoff cage guided globe valves
    M6/E6 Pressure reducing cage guided globe valves
    M7/E7 Multi-stage pressure reducing cage guided globe valves
    M8/E8 Regulating and shutoff cage guided globe valves
    M9/E9 Multi-hole cage guided globe valve

    ● Butterfly valves
    W1, 2, 3 Light-load butterfly valves
    W4 Vane type butterfly valves
    W5, 6 Middle-load butterfly valves
    W8 High performance butterfly valves
    W9 Flange butterfly valves
    WT Three-eccentric butterfly valves

    ● Ball valves
    R1 Split body ball valve
    R2 V-ball valves
    R3 Eccentric V-ball valves
    R4 Eccentric rotary valve
    R5 Three piece type forged ball valve
    R9 Top entry fixed-ball valves
    RA Tank bottom ball valve

    ● Lined valves
    F1 PTFE lined single seated control valves
    F2 Rubber lined butterfly valves
    F3 PTFE lined butterfly valves
    F4 PTFE lined ball valves
    F5 Diaphragm valves
    F6 Plastic diaphragm valves
    F7 Rotary plug valves
    F8 PTFE lined three-way ball valves
    F9 PTFE lined V-ball valves

    ●3-way globe valves
    T1, T2 3-way globe valves for diverting and converging
    T3 Three-way ball valves

    ●Tank Bottom Valves
    Bottom angle control valve

    ●Gate Valves
    Z7 Wedge gate valve
    Z8-9 Knife gate valve
    ZH Parallel gate valve

    Y1, 2, 3 Series self-acting valves
    Y4 Self-acting single seated blanketing valves
    Y5 Micro-pressure self-acting single seated globe valves

    ● Power Station
    ● Petrochemical industry
    ● Steel Factory
    ● Water treatment

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